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Will Alex Iwobi ever play for a top club again? Join the conversation

It is official, Alex Iwobi has signed for Everton from Arsenal.

Unlike most Super Eagles players, Iwobi came through Arsenal’s academy which he joined at just seven years old, before making his first-team debut in October 2015 at the age of 19.

Iwobi was tipped to be a cornerstone player in the Gunners future after the departure of Arsene Wenger, a dream that has now been cut short by Unai Emery.

At the age of 23, it is fair to say Iwobi has taken a step down in his career by signing a five-year deal at Everton. During his time at Arsenal, there were calls for him to improve his productivity on the offensive end, but he never did.

Iwobi’s move to Everton is a movie we have seen before. His compatriot, Kelechi Iheanacho was discarded by Manchester City to Leicester back in 2017. How has that move turned out?

Very few Nigerians get to play for top European sides, if Iwobi was cut from a rebuilding Arsenal team at 23-years-old heading into his prime, what are the chances he ends up another big club before the end of his career.

They say what goes up must come down, not what goes down must come up. Iwobi is a decent player with room for improvement and will certainly get more playing time at Everton, but it is fair to say his time with an elite European club is dead and gone. Do you think Iwobi will play for another top club again?

I believe Iwobi can still join a top club in the nearest future if he performs very well at Everton. He could even join a top club outside of England because he is still young. That it didn’t work out for Iheanacho doesn’t mean it won’t be good for Iwobi who just needs to work on his goalscoring

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usually our guys just decline in progression gradually the moment they leave the big guns

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Iwobi can still play for top club again if he proves his mettle at Everton, which I believe he will.

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It depends on how well he does at Everton. If fails to perform to expectations, then he should be ready to move to lower clubs in England or move to lesser leagues in Europe.

Yeah, I believed if he can improve his game and work rate on the pitch, he can still play for another big club.

Anyone who says Alex cannot play for a bigger team again is preaching errecy. Everton us a club that I see playing European Football soon and if eventually he performs greatly he will attract suitors from all over Europe