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There are alot of weird and interesting sports facts everywhere in the world. This will be your non-stop home to relax and admire the peculiarities of the different weird and interesting details about people, personalities and events.

  • In 1998, during a soccer match in Congo, a lightning bolt struck the pitch and killed all 11 members of one team. The other team was left unscathed.

  • The word “soccer” was first used in England before the USA adopted it.**

  • David Katz is a legally blind photographer from England he photographs thousands of athletic events, the publication of a critically-acclaimed book 50 Faces of Israel.

  • Greenland can’t join FIFA because not enough grass grows there for a soccer field.

  • Air Jordan’s were banned upon introduction by the NBA. However, Jordan continued to wear them anyways, as Nike was willing to pay the fine each game.

  • Since 1980 about 40% of the top honors in men’s long distance international athletics have gone to Kenyans from a single tribe, the Kalenjin.

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The match in Congo in 1998, where all the players in a place or in the same half. How could it has happened that none of the opposing players was touched?

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It was discovered that the players from the team that fell victim to the lightning strike all wore boots with metallic studs, while the other team that were left unscathed didn’t wear metallic studs.

It was unfortunate, perhaps that was against the local rule or they have hidden or wicked agenda. Nature hardly go against the innocent with a clear conscience.