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This "Super Fans Story" category is open to ALL MEMBERS of the NaijaSuperFans Community to write about ANY personal experiences that they want to share with the community. Learn more

This “Super Fans Story” category is open to ALL MEMBERS of the NaijaSuperFans Community to write about ANY personal experiences that they want to share with the rest of the community. Here, you can…

*Narrate the story of your First Nations Cup like Mumini Alao has done;

*Express your joy or frustration with your local or foreign club such as Manchester United and Arsenal failing to qualify for the Champions League, Liverpool and Chelsea winning in Europe, or Enyimba FC of Aba being crowned as the 2019 NPFL champions;

*Show your satisfaction or disappointment with the Super Eagles and/or other national sports teams;

*Narrate your personal experience at attending a sports or entertainment event at a particular stadium either in Nigeria or abroad;

*Share your recollections of any major occasion such as when Nigeria won the Atlanta '96 Olympic soccer gold or when Chioma Ajunwa became the first woman to win an individual Olympic athletics gold medal for Nigeria.

*In short, you can write about ANYTHING that catches your fancy, so long as the story is factual, interesting and it happened to you. That is why this category is tagged the “Super Fans Story.”

Send your article (plus photographs) to our email, hello@naijasuperfans.com.ng.

Super Fan Story: Tell us YOUR STORY.

I had gone to my parents house while we were living in New Wuse, Tafa local government area of Niger State, at about past midnight, to watch one of the football games involving the Nigeria DREAM TEAM 1 and the Brazilian team. Because I had no TV set in my one room rented apartment I have to trek about 2 kilometers from my place to my father’s house. While the match going on, time was also ticking away. By the time the Nigerian team was trailing by 3 - 1 goals, I thought to myself that no more hope for our boys, but before I would say Jack Robinson, our boys have equalised the 3 goals through Victor Nosakare Ikpeba and Nwankwo Kanu, and eventually they won the match via the golden goal rule when Kanu scored our 4th goal in the extra time.

My happiness was immediately interrupted as soon as i came out of my father’s compound through the exit backyard door, going back to my house to sleep, I met some police men who were on night foot patrol within the area, they stopped me and demanded to know where I was coming from at that odd hour, I told them I went to watch match at my father’s house which was just a stone throw from where they intercepted me, they didn’t believed my explanation to them they said I was lying, that because I was hanging a bathroom towel round my neck, they alleged me that I want to commit felony at time, I even begged them to follow me and confirm from my father if what I told them was a lie, they bluntly refused and instead arrested me, and took me to their station where I was detained in their cell until the next morning when I was allowed to send for my father to come. When he eventually came, he confirmed the story I told the policeman the previous night. I was subsequently released on bail to father and was asked to go home with him and was seriously warned never to move about at night, especially during odd hours. This is my ATLANTA "96 personal experience.

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Interesting story but Nigeria’s goals from 3-1 down against Brazil were scored by Victor Ikpeba and Nwankwo Kanu (2). Celestine Babayaro scored in the final 3-2 win against Argentina.

Hello SuperFan @Owiatsicnarf007, your story was added to our SuperFans Story on the website. Here is a link to your amazing piece My Atlanta '96 Story.

Thank you for bringing back those memories. Do share with your friends so they can participate in celebrating this wonderful memory with you.

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My first Nations cup was Maroc 88 where Cameroun continued their dominance over Nigeria winning their 2nd title again the then Green Eagles, who were afterwards re-christened ‘Super Eagles’ because of their unexpected run to the final. But I think Morocco who had a wonderful world cup in Mexico 86 but were shocked by the Lions in the semi-final felt the pain more. My most memorable remains the Afcon Tunisia 94 won by (in my opinion) the greatest Super Eagles team ever. The semi-final against the boastful Ivoriens was particularly pleasing as they twice led before the Super Eagles won on penalties. My most painful Afcon remains the loss to (again!), the Indomitable Lions right here in Lagos in 2000. For that particular reason alone, I was looking forward to them hosting this current tournament (until they were denied the hosting) so the Super Eagles can go right there to right some ‘wrongs’ and injustice(s) we have suffered in the hands of Cameroun - just like we did in South Africa in 2013 which I think we won to right the wrong of our absence in South Africa 96.


I visited one of my uncle in Kano state who was a page engineer, though he is late now, with the hope of securing a job there.
So, while I was in Kano, Tudun Wada Brigade where my uncle lived in a four bedroom apartment with his family of three. On this faithful day when the Super Eagles of NIGERIA was to take on the Spain national team, I sat on the cushion chair in the neatly furnished sitting room of my uncle, alone in the house, and tears streaming down my face.
I was yet to come to terms with the reality that just a few months ago, it had appeared as though I would end another one and a half year without a job, when everything suddenly took a miraculous turn around.

After I had relocated to meet my uncle in the rich city of Kano, for two years I had searched for a job relentlessly to no avail. Every effort I made, no matter how promising at the beginning, eventually hit a dead-end somewhere along the line. It was a frustrating experience for me. I could have despaired and given up my search as some people had advised me to, but I kept my hopes alive because of my prayers and faith in God.

On that same eventful day, I received an email from a reputable organization to come for an interview. The invitation came as a surprise to me because it was the same organization that had rejected me some like eighteen months ago. It was like though a silver lining had suddenly appeared in my dark cloud. A few weeks later, after successfully completing several written and oral interviews, I was invited for the final stage, a meeting the Human Resources Manager (HRM). In the information sent to me, I was expected to be seated at 9:30 a.m. But on that day things did not go the way I had planned.

I had woken up as early as 5 a.m so I could get to the venue before the slated time. However, after some disconcerting moments, I changed into my best corporate dress and hurriedly left the house. When I got to a popular T-junction, where I was to take a cab to the organization, the whole area was submerged in a heavy traffic jam. An eye witness informed me that a fatal motor accident had occurred at the junction 15 minutes earlier, claiming many lives.

I was greatly surprised, thankful to God for sparing my life because I could have been at the spot of the incident if I had not had those disconcerted moment early that morning. I eventually arrived the venue of the meeting at 11 a.m. I wasn’t sure of what to expect but I kept praying quietly for God’s favour, my heart pounding heavily.

Good morning ma, I greeted the receptionist. Good morning, she replied. How may I help you. The receptionist asked me in an uncertain tone. I am hear for the final stage of the the interview. I now apologize for coming late, I said it was circumstances beyond my control. She then asked me whether I didn’t receive a text for the rescheduled time. It’s now slated for 12 noon today. In any case this is about 11:05 a.m, take a seat, the HRM will be here soon.

I couldn’t believe my ears, I calmly took my seat on a nearby sofa and buried my face in my palms to hide my tears. I hadn’t received any SMS, and after all that had happened earlier to me that morning, I was still on time for the interview. It was too much of a coincidence for me. About 55 minutes later, the HRM arrived and I had an unforgettable chat that sealed my appointment with the company.
My joy became double because the Super Eagles defeated a star studded Spain team by 3 goals to 2 with Mutiu Adepoju, Sunday Oliseh and Garba Lawal all on the score sheet. But the goal that’s still very fresh on my mind, was that thunderous second goal scored by Sunday Ogochukwu Oliseh.
This is my 1998 world cup experience.


Wow! What an amazing story!!! I remember that day like yesterday too. When Sunday Oliseh scored that goal, I ran to the 3rd street celebrating.

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i that nigeria will won this cup i belive that