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Is Mohamed Salah a selfish player? Join the conversation

Liverpool did not deserve to lose the 2019 Community Shield playoff against Manchester City. Juergen Klopp’s men were dominant and resilient against their rival. The blues were lucky to make it to penalty shootouts which they eventually won thanks to a late clearance of the line by Kyle Walker. Looking at the match statistics, Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah had 10 shots at goal, while is three times more than any of his teammate.

Of course, he is their primary goal option, therefore, chances will be created for him, but does he make the right decision sometimes? Throughout the game, there were several instances he could have passed to a teammate in a better position but opted for glory.

After making the top ten nominees for the FIFA Best award in consecutive seasons. Maybe Salah wants to keep up appearances. Do you think Salah is a selfish player? Join the conversation

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Calling Mohamed Salah a selfish player to me is an understatement. The fact is that the Egyptian is a very very very selfish or out-rightly selfish player. The truth of the matter is that Salah was hugely responsible for Liverpool’s failure to win the Premier League title last season simply because while he was trying to end his goal drought by all means, he failed to pass to his team-mates who were better-positioned to score. This made the Reds draw their games unecessarily

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I swear, Liverpool should not have lost. Salah should learn how to pass

I want to tell him not to sell fish in a football ground

Welcome to the Community, Elzeta.

Sallah is a selfish player of course, but it is sometimes permitted for a striker. But he doesn’t have to overdo it especially if there are other players in a better scoring position than him. Goals and assist goes a long way in rating players nowadays.

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Salah is selfish. Period. Not only that Community Shield game against Man City, even other games last season, he likes to make headlines always.

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Truth be told i never watch the match, but going by the analysis i got from people, Salah was selfish he killed off the game for Liverpool

No. He’s just playing his game. He scores for Liverpool than anyother player so he wants to retain that status