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#Head2Head: Manchester United vs Chelsea

The Premier league season begins today with European Champions, Liverpool, facing off with newly promoted Norwich City. This fixture is known for alot of goals, as is so many other fixtures in the Premier league. European Kings nonetheless, the majority of eyeballs will not be on Liverpool this weekend. Instead, the fixture of the week pops up at Old Trafford as Manchester United trade tackles with Chelsea.

Manchester United are the most successful club in Premier league history while Chelsea have been one of the league’s top dogs in the last decade and half or thereabouts. The battle this season though, even on Matchday 1, is one with quite obvious motivation. Olè Gunnar Solskjaer would like to start his first full season as United manager with maximum points whilst Frank Lampard would have no better chance to announce himself to the Premier league than getting a result at Old Trafford.

The battle on the field will take place on Sunday afternoon but it begins here today. Two of our guys are squaring up in a head to head and an exciting matchup is brewing… Make sure you join the conversation!

The Blues begin the 2019/20 Premier League campaign with a mouthwatering trip to Old Trafford to take on Manchester United, one of the teams we beat to a top-four finish last term.

The highlight of the opening weekend kicks off at 4.30pm this Sunday 11 August.

When it comes to deciding the line-up for the first competitive fixture of his tenure, Lampard himself the new Chelsea boss admits the pre-season form of the likes of young Mason Mount, Oivier Giround, Ross Barkley and of course Loftus-Cheek are overwhelming and we can’t ignore the squad holding the forth all this while, in the likes of William, Pedro and the new addition ‘Pulisic.’

All this young squad will be facing a defensive side of Manchester United whom has built their play around Paul Pogba and it is obvious what happens to United if Pobga switches off in a game. Manchester United has always struggled to even get a draw against an attacking side anyday.

The chelsea squad under Frank Lampard has had a good pre season and i see them bringing that attacking flare to play against a slow paced united team, that i’m sure wouldn’t be able to attack, neither can they withhold the chelsea attack because we all know the new signing Harry Maguire is obviously overrated.

I think Lampard the new Chelsea boss has during the pre-season, successfully passed his ideas across as quickly as possible to his team and they have adapted comfortably.

I see the team-work doing justice to a disgruntled United team.

It’s a new football season in the English Premier League, rivalries are re-ignited, momentum is gathering up and fans of Manchester United couldn’t have wished for a better way to start the new season than squaring up against one of their fiercest rivals; Chelsea. No doubt, it is going to be a blockbuster match for both mangers especially Frank Lampard who is saddled with Chelsea’s rebuilding process. However, this narrative is not about who will win, No ooooo! It is about why Manchester united; the best club in England will thrash the pensioner’s club.
With the quality of additions in the Manchester United team at the moment and the ones that might join before the transfer window ends, the Red Devils have a better team than Chelsea. May I also remind you that, Chelsea are unable to sign players this transfer window, you want to know why? Their football “sins” are too much and they are cannot be forgiven at this point in time. Consequently, Manchester United will be playing against some academy boys and players returning from loan spells which makes it more of a Lion and sheep “hell in a cell” match and you already know what the outcome will be yeah?
The Red devils will go into the game against Chelsea with high confidence having had a brilliant and exceptional pre-season where they won all their games convincingly as they scored 12 goals and conceded only three. Even the likes of Tottenham and the Milan teams can testify how good these Manchester United team are. Chelsea are no match for this gun-blazing Red Devils squad, they will be terribly beaten like a Cherokee drum.
In terms of winning opening day Premier League games, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer’s side have a fine record as they have won the last four opening day fixtures and they have also won 18 of the last 27 opening day fixtures. Even if they will they will lose, it won’t be to the pensioners club who were only lucky to get two score draws at Old Trafford last season and Stamford Bridge as well.
Frank Lampard has been waxing lyrical about how he intends to play and all of that. Someone please remind him that “plenty talk no dey full basket!” This is not the Championship neither is it the Carabao Cup, It is the premier league where he will have his baptism of fire in a theatre where dreams are not made for opposing teams but destroyed, a place that will signal the beginning of the #LampardOut!
So if you stake on games, you can add this game to your bet list, it is going to be a straight win for Manchester United. #GGMU!

Man Utd for the win today :muscle: leggo!

GGMU! Chelsea fans come out oooo

Chelsea line up
Aspilicueta , zouma , Christienson , Emerson ,

Joginho, kovasic
Barkely, mason, Pedro ,
Tammy abraham

I see Chelsea playing on your half

Did you see the near chance… Ooooooohnnooooooo. Tammy hits the bar

Waooooo what a strike by Tammy Abraham!!

Now u are believing.
5mins . Free kick for Chelsea

But no shaking Shaking Sha we dey kampe

7mins. Loose ball from zuoma. Had martial give a weak strike for Chelsea gaolie

Chelsea’s second missed chance. Still counting

Chelsea dey do intial gra gra

Penalty United!!! Yeahhh !!

Goaaaaaallllll come on United :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Rashford Omo ologo :heart:

I told you na Tony
Initial gra gra lol

Injustice… It is obvious nau. Why didn’t they consult VAR

Chelsea are in more control of the game