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ARSENAL Top 6 Completed World Class Transfers In This (Summer Of 2019)

Gabriel Martinelli

Dani Ceballos (loan)

William Saliba

Nicolas Pepe

Kieran Tierney

David Luiz

ARSENAL FC this summer transfer window:

• Nicholas Pepe :white_check_mark:

• Keiran Tierney :white_check_mark:

• David Luiz :white_check_mark:

• Dani Ceballos (Loan) :white_check_mark:

• William Saliba (Loaned back) :white_check_mark:

• Gabriel Martinelli :white_check_mark:

Don Raul Sanllehi. He has already outdone that balzidis’ legacy. Statue needed As Soon As Possible.

The Arsenal football team will be firing from all cylinders with these dynamic front 3 #PePeDemGang. #WeAreTheArsenalFB_IMG_15646339158146790